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The Northern Avionics IES is designed for systems requiring fixed cabin monitors and Infra Red (IR) remote control for all functions. The IES platform was originally launched in 2009 for VIP helicopters and business jets and has been constantly updated. 
From 2015 the IES platform has been replaced by WAvES and is no longer manufactured.


  • Full control of the system via IR remote control

  • Multiple COMPOSITE, VGA or HDMI cabin displays in parallel

  • 3D high-definition moving maps,  worldwide coverage

  • Multiple analog flight cameras with recording capability

  • Full support for audio, video and pictures multimedia via optical discs and flash cards

  • Customizable safety briefing and welcome-on-board loop

  • Software can be updated via flash card, no system down-time.



A brief demo movie for the original system (2009) is available below. Please also browse the attached quick start guide for up-to-date information concerning the current software version (2014). 



Introducing Northern Avionics


In-Flight Entertainment System

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