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Introducing our wireless entertainment platform


WAvES stands for Wireless Avionics Entertainment System and it's our in-flight entertainment platform designed for any aicrafts from large wide-body commercial airliners to VIP helicopters and business jets.


The WAvES CELL represents the WAvES core units providing a server, 1TB solid-state storage and a IEEE 802.11ac tri-band wireless access point in a single box weighing just 1840g (~4 lbs). Each CELL can support up to 96 simultaneous WiFi media streams plus even more wired connections through Ethernet.



WAvES Supports both passenger devices (BYOD), embedded (i.e. full seat-back configurations), cabin monitors (over-aisle and bulkhead) and any hybryd configurations such as for instance BYOD for Economy and seat-back in Business class.

Since 2019 WAvES includes ten new seat-back UHD monitor sizes i.e. 10.1'', 11.6'', 12.5'', 13.3'', 15.6'', 17.3'', 18.4'', 21.5'', 23.8'' and 27.0'' which means it can fully support First, Business and Economy class on virtually any aircrafts. We also include up to 42.5'' 4K monitors for VIP/Corporate installations.

A full ARINC628 compatible Passenger Service System (PSS) is also available for wide-body aircrafts and can be controlled from embedded PCUs, seat-back monitors and even passenger devices if requested.

As of 2019 Northern Avionics is proud to announce the Industry-First wireless PCU and PSS system for wide-body aircrafts. The PCUs have a battery life lasting for several years on end and require absolutely no wires in the cabin. This means a dramatic reduction in costs, weight and ground time for installation. 



WAvES is EASA and FAA certified and is in service on major airlines on Boeing B767 and other aicrafts.

The certifications above can be readily extended to other aircraft types thanks to Northern Avionics EASA Part 21J (DOA) and 21G (POA) certifications.



WAvES can be deployed with Northern Avionics software as well as with other proprietary interfaces, e.g. from the existing airline content provider.

Please contact Northern Avionics for a demo.



  • EASA/FAA Certified

  • Full Seat-Back or Wireless Wi-Fi Configurations

  • PSS and USB Chargers

  • Minimal installation footprint

  • Available now

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